Ep.3- The Awakening

“Now that you were granted the title of wind whisperers, it is time for you to learn and start cultivating.” Grandpa Mudan then explain to Dilan the method of cultivation. The small child, although only 5 years old seems to have the aptitude of a 10 years old kid. His demeanour were unlike other 5 years old. He could listen attentively, diligently learning the knowledge of witnessing.

“The foundation of witnessing is to believe firmly in the Almighty. Ask only Him for everything, never to rely on other creature for anything. I’ll guide you through the awakening.”

“Try to find the knowledge of wind you got just now. The knowledge originated from the ocean of knowledge. The knowledge of witnessing is boundless ocean of truth. Dilan, do you know where we place the knowledge we get from the ocean of knowledge?” This time, grandpa Mudan ask Dilan. He wants Dilan to think.

“In our mind of course.” Dilan answers confidently.

“Wrong! Our mind is limited. We only could use it to think and differentiate between good and bad, true or false, what to do and what not to do. Our mind does not have the capacity to hold the boundless information. If our mind is full with the boundless information, we could go insane just from the tiny bit of knowledge. One could never work, move or do anything anymore because they would get immersed in thinking.”

Grandpa Mudan answers sternly. It is not because he is angry at Dilan, but he did it purposely to suppress the demon whispers inside Dilan. Only with a stern voice would the demon be unable to whisper anymore. For he fears nothing other than a witness that could witness him. Demons were originally invisible. But under certain circumstances, when a human got approval to use their inner eyes, they could see the demon that resides within each person.

“I’m sorry grandpa, I don’t know where the knowledge stored.”  Dilan confess his lack of understanding. It is a good sign, confessing your weakness is not a weakness but a sign of humbleness. A little tiny bit of arrogance could destroy a human cultivation. No matter who, a witness or not. Once one think they were better than others then one had walk on the path of astray along with the demons. But of course, it is not irreversible. As long as one still breathing, there’s still a chance to improve oneself. The continuous fight with the demon within would only stop when death came.

“The knowledge that we succeed to get from the ocean of knowledge is stored in our heart. Our heart is like a container. A small container could only hold small amount of water, a bigger container could hold more. There are two different practice you need to do diligently. One is to expand your heart. To train it to be bigger and stronger. A weak heart cannot hold the knowledge firmly, it would be like a balloon filled with water. It could burst at any moment. A strong heart is like it’s made of diamond, it cannot be hurt easily, and it cannot change easily either.” Grandpa Mudan paused for a while, looking at Dilan who focused listening to him.

“The other is to increase your understanding of the knowledge, to get as much knowledge as you could. The knowledge you get in this world or living realm would be priceless in the afterlife realm. Remember, to be a witness is not only to save yourself, but to save as many other as possible. We were the witness of humanity, we were given special prowess unlike any other human. It is not to be used for oneself but to help other humans as well. This is the love of the Almighty towards humans.”  Grandpa Mudan then stop. He stood up and goes to Dilan back and sit cross-legged.

He place both his palm at Dilan’s back and he started to take a long breath inhale and exhale. “Dilan, grandpa will guide you through your awakening, if you succeed you shall be able to access your heart. The first veil will be lifted, you don’t need to think of anything, just repeat the vow of witness again and again until you could sense the knowledge of wind you got before in your heart. Once you could find the knowledge and call it forth, it means you had succeed to access your heart.”

“Now relax and free your mind, whatever idea, feelings, or images came across you just ignore them, don’t listen to them and firmly believes is the Almighty. We shall start now”

Grandpa Mudan start to guide Dilan upon the awakening. Surges of unseen light enters into Dilan from the surrounding. If a normal human saw them, they could not see anything else other than their weird siting position. Not to mention both of them closed their eyes as if sleeping. No wonder why the witness were considered crazy to others. Normal human just couldn’t understand what they have been doing.

Dilan started to trembles. Oceans of images played through his mind, some were the memories he had, and some were of unknown origins. He could hear lots of different voices talking in his head. Trying to distract his attention and prevent him from searching for his heart. In his mind, he was floating in the middle of darkness, he was surrounded by countless images. Suddenly one of the images got close and he was sucked inside the image. It was his own village. “Am I dreaming? Just now I was with Grandpa in the forest, how could I be here?” He saw his friend Louda playing cop and thieves and he got the sudden urge to join them as well.

He ran over and say “can I play as well?” all the children stop playing and look at him, their face clearly showing they hate Dilan. “My mom forbids me to go near you, you were that old freak’s grandson. We don’t want to play with you. Go home!” a child age 10 years old shouts to him. Dilan shows a dejected face, he felt sad. But more than that, he felt angry over the insults.

“Dilan, you can play we us. But you must say that you don’t believe demons exists. You must say that you were the same as us” Louda slowly walks over to Dilan and stop in front of him. Louda were his only friend. They had done many things together before. He can’t believe his own friend now sides with the others as well.

Yesterday he had told a story to Louda, the story about demons and humans. “Is it true?” Louda ask him. “Of course it’s true. My grandpa would never tell lies.” Dilan clearly remember the scene where he told Louda about them. “If they exists, why can’t we see them? Who could tell they were real or not? I think you grandfather were just making things up” When Dilan heard Louda accuse his grandpa as liars he couldn’t stand it and slap Louda in the face and yell “demon exists! It lives in your heart!” he soon ran back home leaving Louda crying alone in the forest edge.

Now Dilan were isolated, no one would want to be friends with him. He stood there thinking. “No, I have vowed as a witness. Just now grandfather were guiding me through awakening. How did I ended up here?” while he stood the unmoving the other children came close one by one surrounding him in the middle. Now he don’t have any chance to leave the place. Their faces clearly shows malicious intent.

“Hey freak. Looking at your face disgust me, you look like a girl. Friends, why don’t we check either he had a ‘bird’ or not? He might be a girl disguising as boy.” A boy age 13 shouts to the others. “Yeah, I agree we check it. If she’s a girl brother Long could teach her to be a woman” Another 13-year-old says his opinion. “Let’s drag him to the forest first, we don’t want the elders to find out” two of the big boys grabs his arms and Brother Long grabs both his ankles. “Other kids just stay out of our way, we will punish whoever dares to call an elder. Let us handle this freak kid!” Brother Long warns the other children.

No matter how hard Dilan struggles he was just still a 5 years old kid. How could he match with three juvenile boys? “Nooo… let me go, let me go you big bully. Don’t hurt me” Dilan started to cry as he feels unable to do to anything. He kept begging but they just won’t listen. They enter the forest, far enough from the village. In this place, no matter how hard he shouts, no one could hear him. As for the other children of course they won’t tell the elders about the matter. A freak kid like Dilan won’t get any attention from the elders in the village.

The one called brother Long then forcibly pull of his pants. Revealing his lower bodies. To the three juvenile boys. “So he is a boy, how could you get a face that looked like a girl?” brother Long stares into Dilan’s face. With a pondering look that shows he’s still interested over Dilan. “Well, a boy or not, you still have a ‘ho**’. With face like yours I could just pretend you’re a girl anyway. Hahahahaha” Dilan’s heart shrunk with fear. His eyes looked at the raging bulging under brother Long pants. ‘No, that thing can’t get inside me!’

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Ep. 2- The vow of witness

Dilan woke up in the dawn, wash his face then prostate to pray. This had been his daily ritual. He then quickly goes to find his grandfather. He goes outside their home follow the small trail to the forest behind their home. Their home was the only one built at the edge of the forest, away from others. Clearly they were isolated.

It does not take long before he found his grandfather. He saw him sit cross leg on top of a big stone. Clearly immersed in meditating. Dilan saw a few fallen brown leaves circling his grandfather as if blown by wind. But strangely, there were no signs of wind blowing. Dilan carefully climb the stone and sit cross leg behind his grandfather. Carefully not to make any sound that would disturb his grandfather.

“What did you dream last night Dilan?” his grandfather stopped meditating. He turned around to face Dilan.

“I dream, I was climbing a mountain. When I got to the top, I saw a ball of light. It was so bright yet it feels so pleasant to be near the light. I don’t know why, but in that dream I cried. I had a strange feeling. I don’t know how to describe it. I never felt that way before. Then the ball of light descend and it goes straight to my chest. Then I woke up.”

When Mudan heard it, he said nothing. But in his heart said all praise to our beloved, for you had answers to the prayers of this child. O the Almighty, please bestow upon the humans, your guidance and love.  Mudan knows, the ball of light means the guidance light. All the witness shall had the dream. But it was a secret that only the witness know. Only after someone dreams of the light could they start to learn the knowledge.

As for those who had not have the dream, even if they learn the knowledge it would not give them any benefit, instead it would harm them even more, leading them further astray. How could someone who full of doubts become a believer? It’s simply giving diamonds to monkeys. Not only they don’t know the value of the knowledge, they even might made the Almighty in rage. Both of them would be punished, the one who leak the knowledge and those who learn without qualification.

Every single human were told, as long as you pray earnestly it shall be answered. But most human prays for wealth, health, long lives, fame, children. Seldom have they prayed to be the chosen and learn the way to fight demons. Clearly in this day and age, the demons had almost successfully lead astray the majority of human race.

“Dilan, follow after me ‘I bear witness, there shall none to be loved other than the Almighty and the prophets were his apostle”

“I bear witness, there shall none to be loved other than the Almighty and the prophets were his apostle”

As Dilan said the vow of witness a feeling came surging up. He trembled violently as his heart feels so full. A mixture of feelings of longing, happiness, love, as if meeting someone whom you loved so much yet separated for too long. The feelings were so full he started to cry uncontrollably. His whole body gets cold as if he is made of ice.

“aaa… aaaa…” his cries were so heart wrenching it made anyone who heard it can’t help but cry as well.

His crying were so loud that it reached his home. Neila heard his cries and she can’t help but immediately search for her son. When she found Dilan, all of a sudden her knees went weak and she falls kneeling to the ground. She knew that her son had made the vow of witness and she can’t help but cry as well. Not because she was sad, it was tears of gratitude.

She knows, to be a witness one must be chosen. One shall go down the path of isolation, one shall bear living in the harsh world. One shall carry the burden to be a witness upon other beings. It was all for the sake to meet the creator in the eternal life. A life after the death. To get into the heaven. Only those who had totally follows the rules made by the Almighty shall be rewarded. Those who chose to neglect them follow the path to hell along with the demons.

Only after half an hour later Dilan stopped crying. “Dilan, what you feel is the love of the Almighty, remember this. Do not tell your friends about the dream, or about the vow. It is a secret and no one were allowed to break it. If you break the rules, you shall be punished. For now, just feel the love. We humans were created to love all other creations. This is one of the reason why the Almighty created humans”

Neila hug Dilan in her embrace. She smiles so beautifully, clearly transmitting the love to her child. It’s a pure feeling of love. Not because Dilan were her son, but because Dilan is His creation. The witnesses learned to spread the unconditional love to others. Mostly they were liked by other people. But most people find they were too good to be true. Sometimes jealousy arise and they became subject of bullying.

Of course, being a witness doesn’t mean one is confirmed to be safe from the demon whispers, there shall be tribulation, once their cultivation reach a certain point, a veil will be lifted after one succeeded in the tribulation. It could be related to anything, animals, plants, humans, but the greatest tribulation were within oneself. Training the heart to be merciful, compassionate, and always witnessing the love of the Almighty.

The sun had risen and the three of them walks back home. Neila prepared the breakfast. A homemade bread fresh from the oven and soup to eat with the bread. Neila is diligent, just because they were isolated doesn’t mean she can’t make something good. She grows wheat, corns, vegetables, she rears chickens and goats. Only sometimes when they need money to buy things would she bring her harvest to the market.

Aran had gone out earlier in the morning, he said he was going to the next village to sell his craftsmanship. He had to find some money to pay school fees for Dilan. He won’t be back until another month. The nearest village is about 10 days on foot. Since no one in their village willing to give him a ride, he had no choice but to go on foot. Right now there’s only three of them left in the house.

The three of them eat their breakfast, soon afterwards grandpa Mudan bring Dilan back to the forest. He need to start to teach Dilan the basics about witness.

“Dilan, as a witness we have duty to ourselves and to others, grandpa will tell you the benefits you will get when you become a witness watch closely”

Grandpa Mudan stands up on the stone, he breath calmly and said “I bear witness, that the wind is my fellow companion come forth and converse with this humble servant of the Almighty Creator”. A surge of wind come forth and blows gently. A mellow sound then said “Respected witness, child of Adam. We wait for your commands” the sound came from everywhere. The wind blows in all directions creating a spectacular sight of dried leaves dancing in the air.

“whoa, grandpa. This is amazing!” Dilan can’t help but exclaim at the magical sight.

“Dilan, try to talk to them. Remember to be respectful. Keep in mind, the wind had no power by its own. It was given by the Almighty creator. You need to firmly believe that every movement of the wind is under the permissions of the Almighty creator. Do not get tempted by the magical sight. This is your first tribulation. Try to witness the love bestowed upon to them”

Dilan closed his eyes. He enters meditation state. He starts to feel the winds movements. It is clearly hard not to think that the wind were magical. After all, if normal people sees this, most of them shall believe that Mudan is magical being that could order the wind around. Seeing is believing. Humans never believes things that they don’t see by their own eyes. But by believing that, they had made one of the biggest crime. The sin of equal power.

Dilan repeatedly said in his heart ‘no creation had their own power, no movement is made by self’ Soon, he started to comprehend the wind. After a whole 2 hours, he finally got a little understanding. He tried to converse with the wind “I bear witness, the wind is a creation of the Almighty, bestowed love upon them, to do the duty of matchmaker and a spy that could hear but cannot see”

“Fellow witness, son of Adam. We agree to recognize you as a wind whisperers. Right now, in the diameter of five meters with you at the centre, we shall be your ears for one minute.  Under the permission of the Almighty Giver, your power shall grow stronger along with your cultivation level. Be wary son of Adam, for the whispers of the demon within your heart”

The winds the stop blowing. Dilan open his eyes and he found out that he was drenched with sweat. His heart pounding so hard, as if afraid of something. His breaths were fast. Grandpa Mudan brought water for Dilan to drink. When he drinks it, he started to calm down and breathe calmly.

“Dilan, how is it?” Grandpa Mudan ask, his face clearly shows he is anxious for answer. So Dilan told everything that the wind has said to him. An elated smile came across Grandpa Mudan. He seems to be happy at the results.

“Dilan, as a witness we were granted powers to communicate with other creation. But with every power came a greater responsibilities. Do you know what the responsibility of a wind whisperers is?” Grandpa Mudan ask Dilan.

Dilan pondered for a while then he said “I don’t know grandpa”

“The wind is the matchmaker for the plants. For a witness granted the title wind whisperers, it is our job to make sure the plants got pollinated. Without us the wind whisperer, the harvest would be of less in quantity also lower in quality. Just see you mother small garden. Although it’s small the harvest were bountiful. There were no other garden in this village that could rival your mothers’ harvest.” grandpa Mudan starts to explain to Dilan patiently.

“That is awesome!” this little child now understand the responsibility or a wind whisperers.

“Remember, the awesome one is the Almighty. We were just acting according to His wishes.” Grandpa Mudan warns Dilan, afraid that the small Dilan might get led astray by the whispers of the demon.

Ep. 1- The forgotten truth

There is a legend passed down from generation to generation, from grandfather to their grandchild. A legend that tell the origins of all creation, fate and chances, life and death. It is said, the first creation created by the Almighty Creator is a pen and paper. From then, the pen started to write a story. It is said that everything that happens in the worlds of creation is exactly the same that has been written. Not a single thing could be changed. The finished book then called as ‘The Book of Truth’.

Billions of years have passed since then, everything has gone exactly as what have been written. The last creation of the Almighty Creator had been created. It is us, humans. Humans have prospered, given with intellect that surpassed other creations. Becoming the supreme existence on the world, governing over all others. Thousands of years have passed and the world is nearing to the end. Of course, the humans never knew when the fated ‘Day of Destruction’ shall came. In fact, not a single creation knew the exact date. They only knew the signs given by the Almighty Creator, called as ‘The List of Calamity’.

In a small village located in the East Province, lived a family of 4. An old man aged 80 lived with his son and his family. He only had a grandchild. The boy named Dilan means ‘light’. He is 5 years old his year. The old man was siting besides the bed. Apparently telling a bed story to his dearest grandchild.

“When The Almighty Creator announces to create the first human, the Angles had asked “O, Almighty Creator, why is it thee decided to create the creature that shall bring upon disasters to the world? We humble servants shall comply with all your words, never to betray for eternity” Upon hearing the question, The Almighty Creator said “I know things that you don’t know”. So the angles comply with all the instruction upon creating the first human.”

“The Angles collect different soils from different place of the Earth, and brings it to the heaven. When the High Head Angle Azail saw that the human were made from soils, he feels dejected. The so-called perfect creation is made from soil!. Of course he feels he is a better creation since he was made from fire. In his heart at that moment had already look down on the so-called human.”

The child Dilan listened to story told by his grandfather, clearly showing a high interest. This is not the first time he heard it, but this is his favourite bed time story. His grandfather continued the story.

“One day, the fated day came, where the Almighty Creator blow his breath inside the first human. The first thing that moves where his nose, clearly breathing in and out. Upon seeing this, the angels exclaimed “O Almighty Creator, this is a transgression. How could he move without your permissions?!”The Almighty Creator then said “Be patient, come closer and look carefully”. The angles then came closer and listened to his breath.”

“Guess what they heard Dilan?” The grandfather asked.

“They heard his breath called upon the name of the Almighty Creator,” Dilan excitedly answers.

“That’s correct. All the Angles then prostate to the first human called Adam. Means ‘example’. All angles, except for Azail. He clearly refuses to prostate to Adam, although the Almighty Creator had previously issued order that states “once Adam the human is created, all angles shall prostate to him”. The Almighty Creator then asked Azail “why are you not offer to prostate? Is it because you feel you are better than him?” All the Angles waits for Azail answer, in their eyes, Azail is the most respected angle. Not a single angle could fight over his prayers, not a single place upon heaven or earth that had not been the place where he gave prayers to the Almighty Creator.”

At this moment, Dilan said “yes, because I am made from fire, but he is made from lowly dirty soils”.

“That’s right Dilan, he feels he is superior to humans. He thinks that because he had been offered the most prayers to the Almighty Creator, he is special. Never would he have thought that he had actually commit the biggest crime in front of the Almighty Creator. The sin of arrogance. ”

“The Almighty creator then said, with a voice that trembles all creations “you disrespect Me, you had done transgression. From now on, your name is Demon, you shall be vanished from heaven never again to set foot in here and shall forever stay in the deepest hell!” Upon hearing this, all the angles trembles in fear but the Demon didn’t even ask for forgiveness. He even said “I swear upon your glory O Almighty Creator that I, the Demon shall lead astray all the child of Adam that listens to my voice. I shall drag them to the deepest hell with me. Except for those that you choose to save from me”

“The Almighty Creator then said “I swear upon My Dignity, that I shall fill the hell with all that listens to you, you shall live until the Day of Destruction.” So begins the fight between humans and demons. Of course, the Almighty Creator have had bestow Adam with wisdom. Knowledge upon creations including the secrets in between the reason we, humans were created also with ways to fought upon demons”. The grandfather then stops for a while, as if thinking so deeply upon the story.

“Grandpa, I know then later the demon really did bad things to Adam and Eve. He tricked Eve to bring Adam eat the forbidden fruit. The first sin committed by humans. It made them banished from heaven and lived on Earth.”

Listening to Dilan, the grandfather smiles. Happy to hear his grandchild continued the story. “That’s right Dilan. Demon is our eternal enemy. You must learn how to fight against them and be amongst the chosen to be protected against their whispers”

“How do I fight them Grandpa? I can’t even see them. My friends said that demons doesn’t exist and the story were just made up by our ancestors”

The Grandfather got into silence, and then he said “you must believe first, pray for the protection and wisdom, whether you got the knowledge or not is up to the Almighty Creator. Just hope that you were chosen and your fate were written in the Book of Truth as the chosen”. Dilan, who listen to his grandfather advice then got up and immediately prostate and pray in his heart.

“O, Almighty creator, you humble servant ask for your permission to learn the ways to fight with the demons and be among those you choose to save from them”

After the prayer, he got up and get into his bed. He took his grandfather right hand and give it a kiss. A sign of respect towards elders and said “good night grandpa, thank you for the story”. The grandfather kissed his forehead, a sign of love towards younger generation and said “good night, may the Almighty Creator protects you”.

He left his grandchild room and closed the door then head to the living room where his son and his daughter in-law currently at. Neila, his daughter in-law stands up when she saw her father in-law coming and goes to the kitchen. Clearly she were a diligent daughter, she comes back with a tray of tea and some light supper. Carefully serving both her husband and father in-law.

“Father, next month Dilan shall start to go to school” Aran, his only son said with a serious tone. “I know that you like to tell Dilan stories, but I really hope that you would stop and clearly tell him that it was all just a story. I found Dilan really believes the stories to be true. It would affect his growth negatively. Just yesterday Louda father came to me and said that Dilan told his son that demons does exists. Eventually they fight over it and Dilan had slap Louda while yelling “demons exists and it lives in your heart” clearly it was a bad omen to say that”.

Mudan, the father then said, “It is clearly happening. One of the sign listed in the List of calamity clearly said. ‘The Day of destruction shall not happen, until the day that there were no one knows the truth” he stands up and leave his son without giving his son a chance to say anything more.

In this current time, those stories were considered as nothing more than a legend, a myth. Tens of thousands of years had passed. It is indeed the forgotten truth. Currently humans already forgot how to fight the demons. Mostly doesn’t even realise they had listened to all the whispers. Clearly they will only know the truth after death. That time, it would be already too late to regret.

Although most people reject the idea, there were still a few that believes the story to be true. Those who believes called themselves the witness. Although most of them were considered insane. Like Mudan, he got the title ‘senile storyteller’. Because he clearly stated his believes, he got his family isolated. The stress burdens his son, clearly affected the family. Not only it’s hard to find a job, it’s hard to even make the ends meet.

Aran in the other hand were torn in between. To believe or not to believe. He had witness lots of things happening and it is truly as it said in the list of calamity. He just could not stand the pressure being hated and isolated. As a human, who would be able to stand such humiliation?

His father words made him think deep. A question arise in his heart “what if the story is real? Have I been following the demon all this time?” certainly, only the Almighty Creator would know the answer.